The word “Mela” means “a gathering” or a “fair”. When we hear the word "Mela", we are excited to be in a colourful world with different cultures, art forms, cuisines, languages and landscapes. A Mela is a gathering diverse and yet united. So ancient yet so modern. So grand. So majestic. So mysterious. That’s Incredible India!!

In the olden days, a Mela was not only a means of exchanging goods but also enriching different cultures, celebrating art forms and boosting the economy. Importance of village fairs has reduced in recent times. The fair is now more of a diversion than a necessity. It is often a meeting place for people living far away from one another. In this digital world, we live in our virtual space and lose on such simple pleasures of life. Melas have been a great boon to the traders, where besides shops, there are some side attractions. Theaters, magic shows, swings, giant wheels, merry-go-rounds, tamasha, circus and poetry which provided a great deal of fun to the visitors. Mela has one special utility- it is a good place for advertisement and propaganda. 

SOUL of Universal believes in promoting and connecting our young generation with the roots of India. After themes like Carnival, Swachh Bharat and Mumbai Meri Jaan, this time its “Mela”……a splash of colours, rhythm of drum beats and joi-de-vivre will merge at the SOUL of Universal. The Mela celebrates the unique diversity of Indian traditions and culture in an ambiance specially created to represent the ethos of rural India.