In a bid to promote the talent of the students and celebrate the zeal of the youth a Two Day Annual Inter College Fest- SOUL is organized. The event is a synergy of the youth creativity and talent quotient. It is a hustle bustle affair with gamut of events rolled to test talent and mental ability, logical thinking, spontaneity and knowledge. A number of events and competitions catering to a variety of disciplines such as music, literature, dance, poetry, theatre, fashion and quiz are a part of this fest. The two days will explore both participants and viewers to a cultural extravaganza.

This inter-college festival will showcase the multifarious talents and enthusiasm of the students from various colleges across Mumbai, Pune & Nasik.


With the advent of the fifth year of celebrating our intra-collegiate fest “SOUL of Universal”, the theme for this year is “Panchtatva” celebrating the five elements of nature i.e Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Space. We can use the five element system to better understand our lives. Each of the elements represents a different aspect of our daily life – by including meaningful interactions in each of these areas, we can have more balanced and fulfilled lives. These elements significantly remind us the five elements of life where Earth stands for mesmerizing beauty, Air stands for constant movement, Water stands for food or life, Fire stands for the passion for arts and Space stands for the undeniable spirit and passion. At SOUL we are reuniting these essence of living, encouraging the youth to connect with the roots of human formation and use their unleashed talents to manifest the beauty of the universe. This cosmic integration is an effort to realize our very own base of creation. Let us experience the magic of our combined energies and talents at SOUL and celebrate the elements of life in its full spirit.